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National IP Convention 2013

Intellectual Property Organisation of Pakistan in association with Brands Foundation shall establish "IP Resource Centre" in FPCCI in order to increase awareness about Intellectual Property and provide necessary technical & legal Assistance/facilitation in IP registration. Through this resource center businessmen and industrialists of every level will be provided with the necessary information about IP laws and the benefits of having IP registration at national and international levels. Furthermore, matters related with IP licensing and registration will be handled on priority basis. This was stated by Director General of IPO Pakistan Mr. Tarik Feroze while addressing as the chief guest in the first ever National IP Convention organized by Brands Foundation in collaboration with FPCCI and IPO Pakistan. Convention was also addressed by Patron-in-Chief Brands Foundation and former President of SAARC Chambers of Commerce & Industry Mr. Tariq Sayeed, Caretaker President of FPCCI Mr. Naveed Jan Baloch, CEO of Brands Foundation Shaikh Rashid Alam, Founder and former Director General of IPO Pakistan Mr. Yaseen Tahir, Chairman PIPRA Khawaja Mansoor, Convener Consumer Foundation Ms. Huma Bukhari, Dr. M. Altaf Mukati, Dr. Shaikh Qaiser Waheed, Hafiz Mohammed Bilal, Director Board of Investment Mr. Riaz-ul-Hasan, prominent lawyer Mr. Ali Kabeer Shah and other experts of various areas of Intellectual Property regime.

While addressing the closing session of the convention Former President of the SAARC Chamber Mr. Tariq Sayeed demanded from Prime Minister of Pakistan and concerned authorities of IPO Pakistan that representation of business community in the IPO Policy Board alongwith the bureaucrats is of paramount importance and therefore, one representative of FPCCI should be a permanent member of the policy board. He further expressed that with the honor of first "Accredited Permanent Observer" of WIPO in 65 years of Pakistan experts of Brands Foundation should also be included in the policy board as technocrats. Thereafter, Mr. Tariq Sayeed shared with the audience details of Brands Foundation recently launched projects of National IP Survey, Brands Security Council and especially the project of "Intellectual Property Intelligence Network" (IPIN) in association with various universities.

In the recap, DG IPO Pakistan Mr. Tarik Feroze said that he cordially appreciates all the suggestions put forward by FPCCI and Brands Foundation and endorse all the projects of National IP Survey and IPIN. He offered all possible assistance and co-operation in execution including the technical assistance, training and other resources. Finally he announced that in appreciation of the extra-ordinary services in the area of "Intellectual Property" of Shaikh Rashid Alam, IPO Pakistan shall award him gold medal in a special ceremony by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.