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Brands Foundation has been granted the accredited permanent observer status in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO); the specialized agency of United Nation, in the National history of 65 years of Pakistan, Brands Foundation is the first & only National NGO attained this landmark achievement.

WIPO Permanent Observer is such a high profile global recognition which provides an authoritative and international forum for advocacy related with our scope of work, this status also enable us to bring forward our voice for the promotion of effective IP System and for Branding transformation in Pakistan.

WIPO observer status will not only enable us to represent the corporate Pakistan on this global forum and confront the current economic scenario before the 185 Member States of WIPO but also gives right to attend various committee meetings and Joint working group (JWG) session amongst 69 National NGOs from across the World.

With the admission of Brands Foundation in WIPO as national NGO, Pakistan has become the 7th Nation from the Asian continent after China, India, Iran, Korea, Japan and Syria --- and considering globally Pakistan is 19th country wherefrom a national NGO has been admitted to WIPO for the most coveted status of Permanent Observer.

WIPO is the ultimate global organization of 185 Member States on the subject of intellectual Property which has admitted till to date as "Permanent Observer" only 69 National non-governmental organizations from around the world in its long history of 45 years. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is one of the 17 specialized agencies of the United Nations along-with World Bank, IMF, WTO, WHO, UNESCO, FAO and others.