Brands Foundation
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Pre-requisites are as follows;

  1. Brands identified as confirmed winner of "Brands of the Year Award".
  2. Brands attaining top three positions in "Brands Index Journal" and Intellectual Property survey.
  3. Members of this category will be issued one year membership which will be updated every year once the final list of winners of "Brands of the Year Award" is issued.


  1. Membership certificate and membership cards will be issued to CEO / Director Marketing.
  2. Detail of all meetings, discussions, seminars, Joint working groups and studies related with World Intellectual Property Organization will be communicated to all associate members.
  3. Associate members detail or company profile will be uploaded on Brands Foundation website.
  4. All associate members will be invited to attend meetings of FPCCI standing committee of Brand Protection and Promotion and all activities will be shared accordingly.
  5. Brands / Corporate which have attained the recognition of 'Brands of the Year Awards' have the advantage of using the logo of 'Brands of the Year Awards' on all its packaging, marketing and advertising material which differentiates it from other brands in the same industry category.